SUXIN® insert bearing units/ insert bearings with housings

1. Introduction

SUXIN® insert bearing units are robust, ready-to-mount units that are assembled, lubricated and sealed at the factory before shipping for maximum service life. With their simple and safe installation, easy alignment and reliable locking technology, they are an excellent choice for you to purchase or use in your machines or equipments' designs.

2. Construction

The SUXIN® insert bearing unit is a combination of a radial ball bearing and a housing of high-grade cast iron or stainless steel/Press steel plate/Plastic, which comes in various shapes. Sometimes there are two dust covers on both sides of housing according to special requirement customized. The outer surface of nearing and the inner surface of housing are spherical so that the unit is self-aligning.

3. Fitting methods of SUXIN® insert bearing units with shaft

Depending on the bearing type, the following methods of fitting easily to the shaft employed.

4. Features and advantages

4.1 SUXIN® free maintenance insert bearing units

SUXIN® free maintenance bearing units filled with high-grade grease which is good for over a long period and ideally suited to sealed-type bearing. The units are designed so that the rotation of the shaft causes the sealed-grease to circulate through the inside space, to provide maximum lubrication for bearings. This method of structure makes the lubrication effect over a long period and no need to replenish grease.

4.2 SUXIN® relubricatable insert bearing units

The SUXIN® relubricatable type insert bearing units can be regreased through the filling hole on outside surface of housings. Usually the hole through which the grease filling causes structural weakening of the housing, however, as huge work on designs and extensive testings, in Suxin® bearing unit the grease/oil hole is positioned to minimize the effect mentioned above. Meanwhile, the greasing groove on outer surface of bearing has designed to fill grease into bearing smoothly and minimize its weakening of bearing too.

5. Easy & secure fitting with shaft

The fitting of bearing unit and shaft is basically realized by locking bearing inside unit and shaft.

There are three methods to lock the bearing and shaft as following even no loosen of tighten during the shaft working in vibration.

5.1 Inner ring is fastened onto the shaft in two places by set screws .and the set screws' location is on the longer side of inner ring.Sometime there will be nylon coating on the thread of set screws to improve its loosening resistance according to customer's special requirement.

5.2 Inner has a tapered bore and is fitted to the shaft by means of an adapter. This fitting way is suitable for insert bearing with 1:12 tapered bore. The adapter will lock the shaft with gasket after which tooth is bended and occlude the sleeves on inner ring's surface.

5.3 Fitting the shaft by the eccentric locking collar system.

The inner ring is fastened to the shaft by means of eccentrics grooves provided at the side of inner ring and on the collar. This system is also locked by set screws but different from 5.1 that its set screws will be located on the collar but not on the inner ring.

6. Light weight but strong housing

The raw material of SUXIN® Insert Bearing Housing including:

—Gray Casting Iron HT200

—Spherical Graphite Casting Iron QT 450

—Carbon Steel Casting ZG35

—Stainless Steel

And SUXIN® insert bearing material  is bearing steel or stainless steel.

All material above with professional designs and producing decides that the bearing unit combine lightness with maximum strength.

7. Easy mounting and replacing

SUXIN® insert bearing unit is an integrated unit including a bearing and a housing as the bearing is pre-lubricated at factory with the correct amount of high-grade grease. It can be directly mounted on the shaft. And it is sufficient to carry a short test running after mounting.

Bearing used in SUXIN® insert bearing unit is replaceable. In case of bearing failure, a new one can be fitted to the existing housing even no need to buy another one.

8. Applications for SUXIN® insert bearing units

For its high quality, good performance and low using cost, SUXIN® insert bearing unit are widely used in the industries as following:

a. Agriculture equipment

b. Food/Soft drink producing machines/equipments

c. conveyer system

d. material transfer system

e. textile machinery

f. industrial fans

g. special system such as car auto-washing line, gym equipment, go-kart and so on.

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