SUXIN® stainless steel bearing units

1. Introduction

SUXIN® ball bearing units made of stainless steel AISI&SUS304 are for applications with severe operating conditions, such as high humidity or direct with agressive media, which conventional bearing units cannot sufficiently apply to or not at all. Also, SUXIN® stainless steel bearing units combine lightness with maximum strength.

2. Features and advantages

The stainless steel bearing units have advantages of:

— Self-aligning

— Relubricatable

— Superior Dust-proof & Sealing Performance
— Convenient installation and disassembly

— Applicable to high humidity and highly corrosive conditions

3. Applications for SUXIN® stainless steel bearing units

SUXIN® stainless steel bearing units are widely used in the industries as following:

— Medical Equipment
— Cryoengineering
— Optical Equipment
— High-speed Machinery
— High-speed Electric Machine

— Printing Machinery

— Food Machinery

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